Heads up! We are now a subscription based service due to scammers and spammers and lack of donations.


We have Two types of SMS:

Free SMS: Standard SMS type that comes part of your Subscription to the website

Paid SMS: Premium SMS type that cost's to use due to it uses a SMS gateway and has Sender ID & Delivery Reports automatically on and can send in bulk.


About Free SMS:

Every Account gets 2000 Free SMS credits to use.

It has a limitation that you can not use it in bulk and there is no sender ID and it is sent via a Raspberry Pi & 3G Dongle.

It has a Set Mobile number and can not accept incoming calls.

You can how ever send and receive using this free sms.

Incoming SMS: you can use your own keyword so if you text the number with your set keyword it will register to your account and do any of the incoming features you have set.

Sending SMS: You can send a SMS as normal but you can also do CLASS 0 (aka Flash SMS) where it will appear on an iPhone as a grey screen with the message and no number and only a dismiss button and it will not appear in their messages. It also works on Android but shows the number.

You can also do delivery reports so when you send the sms you can see that it has been delivered to the recipient.

About Paid SMS:

We use a premium UK provider to send the SMS for the paid SMS and this allows us to send SMS in bulk with a Sender ID that you choose and it also has delivery reports on as automatic so you can see which numbers are dead and which ones have been delivered.

This also automatically checks aginst our providers opt out list to ensure that no SMS is sent to any one who has opted out of any SMS of theirs before.

It also has a test option for devs to confirm if there would be any issues with sending SMS.

Please read the API docs for sending SMS


General Info:

All Messages are logged as you will be able to see so you can see what has been sent and what has not.

We monitor all SMS to ensure no abuse and no scammers are using the service.

DO NOT try and ask if something is for sale or use it to scam on gumtree as our system will automatically ban you and send you to a very disturbing site.

Registration will not allow any disposable email address's to be used and will automatically ban you from signing up for any more accounts.

IP's are logged to ensure if abuse occurs that IP never gets to use the site again.

We have a rate limiter in place for the FREE SMS and wil auto ban any user who trys to send 50 SMS in 1 hour.

We also do not like to see duplicate SMS unless you are using the PAID SMS to advertise

Any issues with any account email [email protected] with your user name and we will look in to it.

All numbers sent via our API will not be sold on to any 3rd partys but will be passed to the police on request by them.